Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Off the Radar

I still have the Dormobile. Thought of trading it in for a Winnebago but I hired one of those things once and they're a sod to drive. Besides, I know how to keep the D on the road now. Fixed it enough times.

Sometimes I just take off, a day turning into a week, pootling around the back roads. Sometimes I'll just pitch up in some place, some bar, and ask to play a few songs. Those can be good nights, although as often as not people can be switched off to me: tuned into their own internal rhythms. Or just plain plugged into their iPod.

Just once in a while, though, if I hit my stride, heads will turn and you'll see them say, that was pretty good. Wonder what she'll do next? And then I'll start to get better. Ask any performer: we feed off the rest of you.

You never know. It might be your town I pitch up in some day, your neighbourhood bar. If it is, come and speak to me. But don't ask me if I know any Natalie Imbruglia.

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